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teddybruisevelt said: As much as I respect your view on just about anything, Doctor Franklin, I'm wondering if, perhaps, your ideas of gun control take it a little far. Perhaps tighter gun regulations, making it more difficult to get a license, and requiring every home with guns to have a safe for them, or something along those lines. I simply feel as if- while, yes, guns can and are very dangerous- they still have use in protection. For a simple exaqmple, a young woman living alone could benefit from owning a gun.

Perhaps it would be a better idea not to live alone.  The point is, that just because a gun is an option, does not mean it should be your only option.  A gun will only keep you safe if you are attacked.  A gun will threaten your safety (and the safety of those around you) all the time that it is around.


  1. juliassundial said: I agree wholeheartedly with you. As a Brit, we look over the pond and wonder why the hell people are proud of the fact that they can own guns while monsters use them on innocent people. I’ve been against private ownership since Dunblane.
  2. kings-of-hell said: I think a person living alone would benefit more from a dog, as they provide both protection and companionship. A single gun perpetuates fear of others, in addition to isolation, which can trigger some people to act rashly.
  3. mercuryse7en said: what if you want to live alone?
  4. nicoleyoleypoley said: you tell em, franks!
  5. teddybruisevelt said: Lovely point made, and I appreciate your answer. Thank you, sir.
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