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New IMA Video

Perhaps a few of you have seen a glimpse of a new video with Marc and I.  It is nothing definite, it was simply what Marc calls a “Pitch Reel.”  We meant to upload it private, but youtube decided to forgo our opinions for a bit.  

Regardless, we are simply pitching our story to some “Pilot Competitions.”  Nothing is definite, but no reward comes from sitting idly by.

Thank you for your interest.

B. Franklin, Printer

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I nearly screamed
(also yes that is a seasonal pop tart)

This is excellent!



I nearly screamed

(also yes that is a seasonal pop tart)

This is excellent!

highkingpetermagnificent said: Have you tried the seasonal flavours of pop tarts? I can attest that the gingerbread ones are quite good, as are the pumpkin pie flavoured ones.

I have enjoyed the gingerbread ones, but have not had the pleasure of the pumpkin tarts.

Friend in Cambridge

A close Chicago friend of mine is going to be in Cambridge this weekend producing an improv competition for college students.  What should he do while he is there? I no longer know what the best things are to do in the Boston area.

An Update

Dearest friends,

I want to take a moment to let you know that myself and the rest of the fathers see your posts, and your desire for there to be more documentation of our lives.  I will tell you, that in some way and at some time we will be back online and our lives will once again be visible and followable.  Unfortunately, we are still unsure as to when and in what capacity that will occur.

However, we are still moved by your hopes, and uplifted by your thoughts.  You are all keeping the I Made America documentary alive by believing in it, and for that we thank you.

Go forth and live out today with your chin up and your hearts warm, for that is the feeling you give all of us.


B. Franklin, Printer

teddybruisevelt said: As much as I respect your view on just about anything, Doctor Franklin, I'm wondering if, perhaps, your ideas of gun control take it a little far. Perhaps tighter gun regulations, making it more difficult to get a license, and requiring every home with guns to have a safe for them, or something along those lines. I simply feel as if- while, yes, guns can and are very dangerous- they still have use in protection. For a simple exaqmple, a young woman living alone could benefit from owning a gun.

Perhaps it would be a better idea not to live alone.  The point is, that just because a gun is an option, does not mean it should be your only option.  A gun will only keep you safe if you are attacked.  A gun will threaten your safety (and the safety of those around you) all the time that it is around.

A Reflection on the Batman Tragedy

As a founding father of the country we live in, and as an avid fan of Batman, I feel I should say something about the events of last night and our firearms situation in modern-day America.

First, I simply must offer my condolences to the people directly affected by this tragedy.  Nothing compares to the sadness brought on by an unexpected tragedy.  The surprise loss of a loved one at the hands of another is very hard to grasp, come to terms with, and move forward from.  To those who have been affected, again, my heart stretches times zones for you.

Second, I would like to formally state that in a country this large, with this level of police and military, that there is no need for civilians to have access to firearms.  The loss of the “joy of hunting” and/or “personal security” is no argument compared to the loss of a person because of those allowances.  If firearms were not allowed to be sold to civilians, firearm related crimes would decrease.  

Now to thwart possible arguments… Did myself and the other founders come to the conclusion that we should have the right to bear arms in the 18th Century? Yes, however guns were different, the availability of guns was different, the level of government-organized defense against crime was much, much lower, and we as a people were much more spread out.  In the 1700s, we needed to defend ourselves due to a lack of security.  The only current lack of security is the lack of laws keeping guns out of the public’s hands.  

A preventative measure is much better than a consequential punishment.

If you are someone who wants or owns a gun, you are willingly putting others in danger.

Unlikely Quotes From Batman: The Dark Knight Rises! 

I love batman.